To that someone that I haven’t meet yet

I don’t know why I’m writing this. I never did. But my first question is: Where have you been? Or should I say, where are you now? It’s painful to be waiting for you and to be thinking if I should really wait for somebody like you to come over.

I kept on thinking of you since things began to be in chaos. I mean, with the recent one. I can’t wait to see you being so inlove with the naïve little girl in me, without being disappointed, without being annoyed of how I act and what I truly am but silently loving me and thinkin’ “yes, she’s the one. Her being naïve makes her perfect. So perfect to be called mine.”

I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. I can’t wait to show you the world that I have and face it together without holding back. Where are you? Could it be that you are just around? Could it be that you are the one with me now? Or is it you who left and I gave up on?

I don’t know where you are and who you are but nevertheless, I’ll be waiting for you to come. I would never search for you because I know that this thing called destiny and the will of the One who made us will bring us together. I’ll be starting to love you now so I won’t be inlove with just the idea but the essence of truly waiting for someone and making myself ready for one great person that is in you.

I wonder if it is me that you are also thinking about right now. Maybe, yes. And my answer is “I’m here.”. It can be a no, and all I can say is “Yes, be busy. Keep yourself busy with the things that you love to do. But don’t grow weary and tired of doing that. I’ll be with you someday, somehow and we’d love to see each other doing things that you love together.”

Get through all things every day. Be strong and don’t worry. I am here. Waiting to meet you in the hallway, in the park, in the coffee shop or in an event. God is writing our best love story so be happy. There’s someone here loving you even she doesn’t meet you yet. I’ll be praying for you starting today, and always.

Patiently waiting,



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